Watching Todd Klindt’s Netcast on your Roku

toddLike dozens of other SharePointers around the world, I find myself locked into Todd Klindt’s Netcast. Now you might ask yourself, what could be more fun than hanging out in the chat and watching Todd fumble with webcams & microphones? Watching Todd Klindt on your 50″ plasma!

If you’ve got a Roku you can add the hidden UStream channel by following these 4 simple steps:

  1. Goto
  2. Login with your account credentials
  3. Scroll down to “Manage Account”, click “Add a Private Channel”
  4. The channel code for UStream is IN4DN.

Once you’ve got it added, bring it up and do a Search for “Todd Klindt”. The only gotcha is you won’t return any results until after the netcast has started.


2 comments on “Watching Todd Klindt’s Netcast on your Roku”
  1. Hi Jared, Just got the Roku channel set up. You’re right, it was very quick and easy to do. So next week, I’ll try it out!
    So is this the generic UStream channel and could I search for other ‘shows’ here?
    Thanks again.

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