The Ultimate Free Schwag Guide for SharePoint User Group Leaders

Earlier last year I had thought about starting up a SharePoint User Group in Hartford because there really wasn’t one already. There was a .NET developer’s group, but it really did not focus on SharePoint. After attending a Boston Area SharePoint User Group meeting, I started wondering just how much work it might be to run a successful user group. I ran across a blog post by Eric Harlan which really gave me a great foundation.

As part of my own desire to help give back to the SharePoint community I compiled a list of partners that have User Group programs which to be quite blunt – provide you with discounts, free stuff, evaluation copies of books, etc. Although the knowledge gained & beer afterward are fantastic – it really feels great providing additional educational opportunities to our members.

The list below is in no special order – all have been fantastic to work with and I really do thank their support of the community.

Pluralsight hooks you up with up to 24 1-month free coupons to their expansive CBT library of awesomness. They also sent some t-shirts, pens, and random schwag.

O’Reilly lets you request up to 3 evaluation copies per month from their giant library of amazing books, and also gives you a discount code that you can share with your members.

APress allows you to request evaluation copies of their books.

Pakt Publishing
Pakt also allows you to request evaluation copies of their books – they will also promote your user group on their website.

Wiley media allows you to request evaluation copies of books, they also provide special pricing for user group members/leaders.

They provide one free membership so that you can play some of their videos during one of your meetings and a discounted price to share with your members!

If anyone else has some more partners they’d like for me to add, please do so in the comments!

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