SharePoint Saturday Rhode Island Wrap-up

This weekend was Rhode Island’s first ever SharePoint Saturday and I had the great pleasure to present for the first time. I want to give a sincere thanks to this weekend’s organizers Jason Himmelstein, Chris McNulty, Joshua Cliff, and Chris Pereira. Also to New Horizons who provided the venue, along with my fellow presenters and all the sponsors and attendees who made this event a rousing success. Although I did not have the standing room crowd in my session that I’d been hoping for, I was very thankful to the engaged attendees with their thoughtful questions and for staying 15 minutes afterwards to share their own stories.

In my opinion, SharePoint Saturday showcases the true awesomeness of the SharePoint community. Nowhere else will you find industry leading speakers donating the weekends to help further the careers of hundreds of attendees. These speakers oftentimes give the same talks that they would at industry conferences, but at no cost to the attendees. As both a presenter and attendee this weekend I just wanted to once again thank all those that made it such a success.

Presenting at #SPSRI

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