SharePoint February 2013 CU (+COD) breaks the RSS Viewer Webpart

So I ran into a fun little problem a few days after patching our environment with the February 2013 CU + Critical “On-Demand” Update. Much like Microsoft we rushed to get the COD installed in our environment right away because we had a few highly visible sites experiencing the navigation node issue introduced back with the August 2012 CU. In true Microsoft fashion, I ran into a nugget where the latest patch broke some legacy functionality.

This time around the poor RSS Viewer Webpart died a strange an horrible death for non-anonymous sites. Just so we’re all playing with the same equipment.. We’re running Claims, Kerberos, and good ol’ fashioned 2010 Enterprise bits. When I say it breaks for non-anonymous sites, I really mean that when the webpart is on a page that is not set for anonymous it will not render the RSS feed. I’m not saying that it breaks for authenticated RSS feeds as inaccurately described during the Todd Klindt netcast, but rather when it’s placed on a non-anonymous site/site collection.

Luckily my man Srinivas from the Microsoft Product Team was very aware of this latest bug. He was able to provide us with a fix which I’d like to share with you the Internet..

Add this goodness to a CEWP on your page.. (Hide the titlebar unless you set it to Todd Klindt rocks)

function CustomUpdateFormDigest()
if(window._spPageContextInfo != null)
var $v_2 = window._spPageContextInfo;
var $v_3 = $v_2.webServerRelativeUrl;
var $v_4 = window._spFormDigestRefreshInterval;
UpdateFormDigest($v_3, $v_4);

As Todd Klindt always says.. Only patch if you absolutely need to and only hit up Production after some pretty rigorous testing..


15 comments on “SharePoint February 2013 CU (+COD) breaks the RSS Viewer Webpart”
  1. Lalit says:

    i tried to add this solution to our sharepoint 2010 page after upgrading to the Febrauary 2013 CU but this code did not work!!!!
    any update if there is a resolution to this?
    Our RSS feed viewer is broken across the board!,
    thanks for your help

  2. Hi Lalit,

    Yes, you should contact Premier if you can. They released a critical on-demand update which requires installing the April 2013 CU first. We haven’t scheduled that in just yet, we’ll need to do a lot of testing to figure out what else they might have broken with April 2013. 🙂

  3. Martijn says:

    Hi, This issue should be solved in the June 2013 CU for SPS2010. Rg Martijn [MSFT]

  4. I deployed your little javascript and it works like a charm!! Thanks!
    – Note Board posting works again
    – Rendering of managed metadata columns on publishing pages works again

  5. Marek says:

    This script worked for me. Great news!
    Any idea which CU will fix this issue? Is it included in SP2 for SP2010?

  6. Sandeep says:

    Hi I’m facing a similar issue where my publishing page’s — FormDigest Validation is not a success on pageload (Checked in ULS log). My publishing page – contains 1 Report viewer WP and 2 CEWP (OOB).

    The actions button of the report viewer WP gives a time out saying – ‘An error occurred during the data fetch, please refresh the page and try again’. When I refresh the report viewer WP alone the action button starts working.

    links I hv referred:

    I used the JS you provided but it did not work in my case.
    Can you please let me know are there any other solution and if latest CU updates are available, in which order they should be installed..

    Thx in advance.

    1. Hi,

      Please make sure you include this within a Content Editor Webpart. Otherwise you may want to consider upgrading to the June 2013 CU.

      With best regards,

  7. Sabine says:

    Hi, Thanks for the post. First it didn´t work. But after pasting the Javascript into the HTML-Editor from CEWP it does!

    1. You are very welcome, thanks for the feedback. 🙂

  8. tanya says:

    I have the same problem. I used RSS viewer Web part for RSS feeds. This works well in edit mode and showing all the feeds. But as I published the page, this web part does not able to retrieve feeds from the respective site and keeps on searching for the feeds. I install updates for August 2013.

    1. tanya says:

      I insert into script into the HTML-Editor from CEWP. But it doesnt work. Please Help me

      1. Tanya, just to confirm you are patched with Feb 2013 CU? (Plus the Critical on Demand)? I do believe if you patch up to August this won’t be needed. Also can I assume you have your proxy information in your web.config (if required) and the page is published?

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