Quick Tip for creating a view of empty folders in your document library

Without stepping into the holy war of folders vs. metadata I would like to share a quick tip for how to get rid of those pesky empty folders in your document libraries by creating a view which shows you all the folders which don’t have any child items in them. Note this only seems to work for root folders and not subfolders. I’m still trying to come up with a clever way to identify those subfolders as well.

Create a view like normal but under the filter section, you’ll want to set the following condition to be true:

1. Folder Child Count is equal to 0
2. Content Type is equal to folder

. image

Click apply and boom – you have a view of your current document library with just folders that are empty!


For big libraries you might want to show more than 30 items by default so you can delete all those empty folders in one shot.

Hope that helps, and happy SharePointing!


2 comments on “Quick Tip for creating a view of empty folders in your document library”
  1. If I have folders nested in folders, I don’t see any of the folders that are empty unless they are at the top of the tree structure.

    1. I’ve been messing around with this and you’re right. Can’t seem to come up with a good combination to get the nested folders. I’m also surprised (maybe not because it’s SharePoint) that the Item Child Count doesn’t work either.

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