Pro Tip for Getting Started with Flow’s Get Items & Get Records Actions

I have been having a bit more fun recently with using Microsoft Flow to help automate more of the manual (aka boring) tasks that I have to do in a given week. I thought I would share a quick “Pro Tip” for those who are just getting into building workflows. The Get Records, Get Items, etc. actions are incredibly powerful and often times what you will want to use to start iterating over your content.

My Pro Tip for when you’re first starting to build out your workflow is to set the Top Count parameter to 1 and then run the flow so you can see what data will come back from the action. T


Running a quick test of your Flow you can examine the Body of the request and get to understand the different values for your data. Should you also want to take advantage of a Filter Query, it’s important to use the correct internal name for the field and this is a quick & easy way to figure that out. By limiting yourself to just 1 record, you can easily scan the data without the clutter of multiple records being returned.


Nothing fancy, just a quick Pro Tip for speeding up your Microsoft Flow development!

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