SharePoint Quick Tip – Inline List Editing

As an Admin I do not spend a lot of time in the bits and bytes of actually “using” SharePoint, I tend to have my head buried into keeping the wheels on the bus. However, today one of my co-workers brought a pretty cool little gem which I figured I’d blog so maybe I’ll remember ...


Hands on with AvePoint Policy Enforcer

I should preface this review with the statement that I do not work forĀ AvePoint, nor am I being compensated in any way for this article. I like to state that since some of the reviews that I have read by other SharePoint experts are actually paid reviews which to be honest sometime cause me to ...


Governance is more than just a 10 letter word

As Microsoft continues to expand the capability of SharePoint so does the complexity for the architecture and integration of the system for enterprises of all scale. What I have noticed from my attendance at various SharePoint conferences both paid as well as the Saturday events, the level of expertise for the “SharePoint Guy/Gal” lags far ...


Anonymous Access is broken on SharePoint Subsites

I ran into an interesting problem the other day and figured I’d share it with the Internet. One of our customers had a site collection setup for anonymous access and had noted that one of their sub sites was not respecting the anonymous setting. Basically you click on the sub site and it would then ...


SharePoint February 2013 CU (+COD) breaks the RSS Viewer Webpart

So I ran into a fun little problem a few days after patching our environment with the February 2013 CU + Critical “On-Demand” Update. Much like Microsoft we rushed to get the COD installed in our environment right away because we had a few highly visible sites experiencing the navigation node issue introduced back with ...


Help! Our SharePoint Expert killed the Master Page (and not in a good way)

One of the common problems that I see with “SharePoint Experts” is when they decide to start monkeying with master pages, they usually blow things up. We had an instance where one of our “SharePoint Experts” decided to blow away a master page which resulted in the fun correlation error page. There are a few ...


Watching Todd Klindt’s Netcast on your Roku

Like dozens of other SharePointers around the world, I find myself locked into Todd Klindt’s Netcast. Now you might ask yourself, what could be more fun than hanging out in the chat and watching Todd fumble with webcams & microphones? Watching Todd Klindt on your 50″ plasma! If you’ve got a Roku you can add ...


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