My “Feature Wish List” for the new SharePoint Communications Site Hero Webpart

Earlier this week I did a quick video showing off the new SharePoint Communications sites, which includes a few new webparts including what Microsoft is calling the Hero Webpart.

For those of you who don’t have access to these new sites yet, here’s a quick snippet of what the Hero Webpart looks like:


Basically it’s a tile-based webpart that allows you to choose between 1-5 tiles which can either be text or contain an image, along the ability to link to other content. I imagine over the next 6-8 months you will see hundreds of thousands of Communications sites with this webpart in all its glory. With any luck it will even more popular than the “collaboration people” of SharePoint 2010!


Now as cool as this webpart is, I have compiled a bit of a wish list for how to make this webpart “even greater”. Some of these are features that I would love personally for my own use, along with those that I believe would be quite popular with some of my clients.

Here they are for your reading pleasure:

  1. Let me pick the background color for tiles where there is no image. (Guessing this one is on the roadmap, but just in case..)
  2. I would love to be able to configure a tile to poll data and limit “how many items” are returned back
    1. Stock quotes
    2. Twitter feed
    3. RSS feed
    4. Or even just SharePoint List data
  3. I would like to be able to set the focus for the image within the tile, very similarly to how I would for modern pages. When you select an image it sometimes doesn’t format within the tile correctly. Some guidance around picture size would also be excellent.
  4. Be able to set the max height for the hero – sometimes it feels like it is dominating the page a bit too much.
  5. Carousel.. I’ve got clients that LOVE carousels. Stay with me on this one – what if there was the ability to pick 2-3 images for a single tile, and then allow them to be able to cycle through. I’m really thinking about tiles that will be used to promote employee engagement and event attendance. C’mon wouldn’t that be amazing!
  6. There’s a blue box which appears on the left hand side of the first tile. I’d like the ability to show/hide that in addition to changing it’s size & color. (Too much?) 🙂
  7. For tiles with just text, I would like the option to be able to center the text or leave it left justified. (Maybe you also need right justified for countries where words go right to left?)

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