Hey! Who hid my Excel Surveys?

It has been almost 2 months since SharePoint Conference 2014 wrapped up in fabulous Las Vegas and I have been pouring through my “ideas” notebook of all the things I wanted to try when I got back. One of those things was the Excel Surveys functionality which most of the audience at SPC348 Update on InfoPath and SharePoint Forms had never heard of. (For the record I was one of those people as well) I have a SharePoint Online tenant that I use for both prototyping working and also to host the CT SharePoint Users Group website. When I went to go create an Excel Survey, I simply could not find the option anywhere. After scouring the Internet for a bit I happened to stumble upon a TechNet article which outlined the problem. I’m merely re-posting this for the 3 followers of my blog and for anyone else that’s trying to figure out how to create Excel Surveys and mistakenly clicks on my blog instead of a real authoritative source.

Basically, the site collection which you are planning to leverage this functionality needs to have Allow both external users who accept sharing invitations and anonymous guest links enabled. 


For the record, this is not the default out of the box setting for new site collections in Office 365 (for a good reason). So the good news is, you can enable it by site collection – but the bad news is you need to remember to do this, or have the ability to change this setting. I am curious to see how this functionality will translate when/if it becomes available for on premise installations.

Now you can go create all the Excel Surveys that you want!!


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