Continuing on my life journey.

I could be cliche and open up this blog with a take on the old saying that “change is good”, but that’s not really my style. For the past 10 years of my life I have been working for United Technologies Corporation between the Pratt & Whitney business unit and then for the past two years at the Corporate Headquarters. My start came unexpectedly during the summer of my senior year in college when the Communications Department was looking for a co-op student to assist with publishing of the daily intranet articles.

Up until that point my jobs had been newspaper delivery, CompUSA, BestBuy, Sams Club, and a few odds & ends including building websites for local businesses. Getting a job at Pratt & Whitney was a big deals since UTC is quite frankly one of the largest employers in our state. Many of the schoolmates that I grew up with had a friend, relative, or parent working at one of UTC’s many business units. This was my first “real interview” where a pair of ironed khaki’s and a clean polo shirt probably wouldn’t land me the gig.

I can still remember my first interview with one of their Communications professionals and the content author for the employee portal. It was fun watching non-technical folks try and put me through a technical interview. I passed with flying colors and was told that I would hear back from them shortly. A few days later I received a call that they would like for me to come back for a second interview, this time with their Director of Communications.

The part I left out earlier is that before I went for my first interview, my dad happened to be home and helped me with my tie since I’d never worn one before. However, for this second interview he was on a business trip and there wasn’t anyone in the house around before my interview. I took the tie from the first interview which was still done up and brought it with me, along with a fresh tie that wasn’t done. I figured somewhere in-between home and there I would come up with a plan. I really didn’t want to wear the same time to both interviews in case someone noticed, but I really had no idea how to put together that other tie.

For those of you who have never been to the Pratt & Whitney East Hartford campus, it is a massive mile-long conglomerate very similar to a college but without all the hipsters outside. I went in the front entrance and parked in the visitor lot per the guard who waved me in. While sitting in my parked car I started to realize it was looking more and more like I would need to repeat with my first tie. As I started getting out of my car, it dawned on me the guard had been wearing a tie and could probably give me a few pointers.

So I walked over to the booth with my new tie in hand and asked the guard if he’d mind helping me with my tie as this was my second interview and I really did not want them to think I only owned one tie. So there was Angel (the guard) directing cars into the main P&W lot while helping me adjust my tie. Long story short, I got the job and the tie came out great. I had run into Angel a few more times over the years and his eyes always lit up when we replayed the story.

Fast forward a few years and I’ve held a number of different jobs at Pratt & Whitney and most recently at United Technologies Headquarters. Over the years I have earned two Masters degrees, seen college friends become co-workers, co-workers get married, babies born, battles with cancer, layoff, hires, interns, and even the passing of friends. It has been an incredible 10 year ride that I never could have planned. Last night one of my good friends through me a happy hour and I was absolutely touched by all my friends who came out to wish me well. After two of the hardest weeks of my career to this point, it was incredible to get that chance to say goodbye. So many of you have shaped both my life and career and I have nothing but the utmost respect for all of you.

So you might be wondering, where am I going? On Monday, I’m starting at Slalom Consulting to become the first SharePoint Consultant in their Hartford office. This is going to be a huge change for me, and I am definitely psyched for what the future might hold. As many of you know, I am incredibly passionate when it comes to technology and I am really looking forward to focusing that passion on delivering amazing solutions to clients in the greater Hartford area. Stay tuned for more to come.. 🙂

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