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SPTechCon Power User Tips & Tricks (Session + Code)

I’m humbled to have so many folks attend my SPTechCon Boston session on Tips & Tricks for Power Users. Here’s the code & presentation! I have a few more items to document (some of the workflow items) but hopefully this will help you out a bit: SPTechCon Power Users Advertisements


Current thoughts on the new SharePoint Framework

The blogosphere erupted after the May 4th Future of SharePoint event for right reason – senior leaders at Microsoft unveiled the roadmap for new functionality to first be released in O365 and that will eventually trickle down to on-premises via “feature packs”. Out of all the UI/UX enhancements that were announced, the one bit of ...


Collab365 Session: Modern SharePoint Development

Just in case you’re looking for slides from my session you can find them here: Collab365 – Visual Studio Code


Changing a site’s master page using REST via SharePoint Designer Workflow

As a follow-on to my previous post about how to create subsites using the SharePoint REST API, I encountered a scenario where a customized master page was already in existence and I needed to apply that to subsites created with my provisioning workflow. <insert quick note about Microsoft Patterns & Practices> Microsoft’s Patterns & Practices ...


Creating subsites using REST API from SharePoint Designer Workflow

I absolutely love SharePoint 2013 style workflows solely because of the Call Web Service action. It is hands-down one of the coolest features as it allows you to build some really amazing solutions. I’m documenting this for my own benefit but if you happen to be in the same boat trying to build your own ...


Visualizing SharePoint Data with Tableau

My employer has been a Tableau partner of the year for 3 years now so it is a technology that is brought up frequently in the office. For the past year I have wanted to learn more about the product but just have not had the time to dedicate towards understanding how it works and if ...


Troubleshooting High Trust Provider Hosted Add-Ins

Just giving a quick shout out to my colleague Nik Patel for his excellent post on troubleshooting provider hosted add-ins. Cheat Sheet to Troubleshoot SharePoint Provider hosted High-Trust Add-ins – 401, 403, 404, and Misc Errors Nik is definitely an expert when it comes to provider hosted apps, you can also find a presentation he recently ...


SharePoint Saturday NYC Wrap-up

I was very fortunate to have been selected to speak at this year’s SharePoint Saturday New York City and had an awesome crowd! The slides & code from my session can be found here on Github. I would also like to highlight a couple of other sessions that I attended.. Enterprise JavaScript Development Patterns – this ...


Add Node.JS to your learning plan

I had the pleasure of attending a fast & exciting session at this year’s Microsoft Ignite Conference called “Building Business Apps Like They Do in the Valley with AngularJS, Node.js, and More.” by Andrew Connell. It was one of those sessions that made me very thankful that Microsoft is now recording these sessions and putting ...