Automating the sending of presentation slides using Microsoft Forms & Microsoft Flow

This past weekend I had the distinct pleasure of being able to co-present with one of my Slalom colleagues on “Leveraging Office 365 Services to Drive Office 365 Adoption”at SharePoint Saturday NYC. This was a new talk for me and I was very excited to try it out at one of my favorite events.

One of the questions I always receive during my sessions is how can the attendees get a copy of my slides after the presentation. There’s always the awkward dance of me as a speaker not exactly knowing where we are posting and then trying to remember that I need to upload them somewhere so that folks can grab them. I decided to head this off by leveraging Microsoft Forms & Flow during our presentation to help facilitate that.

During the event I asked folks to fill out a very brief Microsoft Form which asked them if they’ve rolled out O365 yet, if so which services, and then their e-mail address.


Then I built a very quick Flow that triggers when someone submits that particular form. And then the next action (since I’m always tweaking my slides) is to go out to my OneDrive and convert that instance of my presentation to PDF since I’m not supposed to send out Slalom themed decks in PPTX format.


Next I’ll get the actual response details from the form submission using the “Get Response Details” action. Flow will automatically throw this into an Apply to each loop however you’ll just set the Form Id to the Microsoft Form you are using, and then the Response Id which is the individual submission from the user. The loop will only run once.


Finally the longest step is to have it send the e-mail:

I kept it pretty simple with populating the To field from my 3rd question on the Form. The subject was hardcoded but I could always extend that in the future to pick the event name from a SharePoint list or something else but I went with the easy route on this one. In the body I provided links to Amy and my LinkedIn pages in case attendees wanted to connect in the future.

Under the advanced options I included the Attachments Name & Content from the output of the Convert to PDF step above, I also made sure to set the Importance to High and that Is HTML to Yes so that I could enable formatting as depicted in the Body section of the e-mail.

So that was it – a pretty simple Flow which has a pretty high impact, especially during a live presentation, so that the people will walk out with the slides and not have to worry about tracking me down later!

Hope you enjoyed this quick blog post!

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