Accelerating your O365 Adoption with SharePoint Communications Sites & Chatbots!

My two big passions right now are SharePoint Communications Sites & the Microsoft Bot Framework. So it made a whole lot of sense for me to try and find a way to combine those two. I recorded a quick video (see below) walking through the idea of embedding a QnA Bot within your Office 365 Adoption site to help drive the frequently asked questions your users might have. In the good ol’ days of IT we would normally just create a FAQ’s page that nobody would bother reading. These days though with the rise of chatbots in our personal lives such as Siri, Alexa, etc. I believe it is vital for IT to consider offering this technology within Enterprise services.

There’s a lot of other videos & posts that talk about how to build a simple chatbot using the Microsoft QnA Maker service along with the Bot Framework, so I didn’t go into much detail with that. So instead I give a quick video preview of what my sample O365 Adoption site looks like, and then demonstrate asking my adoption chatbot a question about Microsoft Teams.

Hope it’s worth your time to give a watch:

In case you want to try out my chatbot – you can access it here:


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