A New Microsoft Fanboy has been born

I should probably start this off with I’ve been an Apple Fan boy since the day my grandfather got me a Mac SE for my birthday. From there I can recall a number of “cool moments” in my life where a Mac helped shape a creative outlet. When I was in my senior year of high school and the class video got corrupted due to Windows 95 being a less than stable operating system, I remember picking up an iMac DV and a Sony Camcorder using my CompUSA credit card and spending the next 5 months shooting and editing our senior class video. My first website was developed using a PowerMac G4 titanium that I used to carry around in a slick gun metal briefcase. When I went off to college I got an iMac Flat screen for the dorm, and my wife’s first laptop was a slick MacBook Pro. There were a few other Macs in-between with one of the Mirror Door G4’s, a black G3 Powerbook, one G4 Tower. As with all Apple Fanboys I waited in line for the first, second, and third iPhones and for awhile carried an iPhone 4. My truly favorite Apple moment was when I was able to buy the first iPod a day earlier because the cashier on duty at CompUSA (where I worked at the time) didn’t know that it wasn’t due out to the following day.

However, over the past few years my love for Apple has slowly faded. Perhaps it has come with the passing of Steve Jobs who truly in my eyes (along with many others) was a true rock star. He had his misses along the way but overall you could count on an exciting product announcement once or twice a year along with perhaps some of the best showmanship that my generation has ever seen. Jobs was the snake oil salesman of the 20th century and I wanted whatever he was selling.

However, as I alluded to my lust for all that is Apple had begun fading and you could tell just with my recent set of toys that my household was no longer exclusively an Apple one. My iPhone soon traded in for a work issued Windows Phone and then tonight after another lackluster Tim Cook presentation, I ended up getting a new Surface Pro 2.

My initial feedback is great. This device is pretty slick, responsive, and the screen is just beautiful. I opted for the 128 GB figuring that I could expand with a 64GB Microsdxc card and probably handle everything I need. Besides the installation of Office there are no other major applications that would require more. And from a RAM perspective, I haven’t noticed any slowdown issues with the 4GB of RAM. Of course you always wish for more RAM. 🙂 The swiping between and to close apps it quick and fun, in some ways a bit more intuitive than on the iPad.

I went with the Type Keyboard over the Touch given both the reviews along with a friend’s strong recommendation. In addition, I decided to push the limits of my Best Buy no interest financing to round out my purchase with both the VGA adapter and the Microsoft Arc Mouse. (which is awesome btw)

Some really cool first moments with the Surface were it finding both my Roku and my HP Printer over Bluetooth. Along with installing a few new apps from the Windows Store. I’ve primarily used it as a laptop (both stationary on the kitchen table) along with on my lap watching some television. I plan on presenting off of this for our first Connecticut SharePoint Users Group meeting, and I’m curious if any of my fellow nerds will notice or comment? 🙂

So in other words, this Surface Pro is right up my alley and I’m really happy with the purchase. I am sure there will be future posts of frustration and “how do I’s” but for now I’m having my fun.

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