The Definitive Guide for When to use What

As always I really appreciated everyone who came out for my session on “The Definitive Guide for When to Use What” at SharePoint Saturday New England.

For my two blog readers, here are my slides.. Enjoy!

Definitive Guide for when to use What – SPS New EnglandCollaboration Champions

  1. Wish I had attended this! — Been toiling with this issue myself recently. Just finally migrated to a new O365 tenant and have started introducing O365 services, primarily Skype for business. We tried getting into Teams at Tallan but I hated it… but am starting to see the appeal. And I’ve got a hard time letting go of straight SharePoint (obvioulsy), and trying to figure out governance strategies for teams.

    It’s crazy how guidance was all about IA in SharePoint and how to develop governance to ensure things don’t get all wild west so content is accessible and findable, and now the guidance is: let teams be a living breathing organic thing. The SharePoint consultant in me is having a heart attack.


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