This morning I received a notice from Microsoft that I have been presented with the 2016 Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Award for my efforts in support of Office Servers & Services.

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I am very fortunate to live in an area that has so many amazing technical mentors to help inspire, elevate, and challenge me to be a better technical professional. There’s such a long list of people that I would love to thank for their support in my journey such as my amazing wife May, my good friends Tim Ferro, Mike Maadarani, Tom Daly. I thank Chris LaQuerre for helping me to get the CT SharePoint Users Group off the ground and to help keep our SharePoint Saturdays running smoothly.

I have had some amazing technical mentors such as Scot Hillier, Marc Anderson, & Bob German whose continuous commitment to giving back to the community has challenged me to be creative and never stop learning.

I would like to thank Jason Himmelstein for inspiring me to take up speaking after a SharePoint Saturday Boston event, and to Seb Matthews for literally slapping some sense into me. 🙂

My employer Slalom and my amazing colleagues for putting up with my conference speaking schedule and listening to me drone on about SharePoint.

Finally, I would like to thank every organizer who has ever selected me to speak and every attendee who has sat in on one of my sessions. Without you I wouldn’t have a platform, an outlet to expend my creative energy, a safe place to overcome my previous fear of public speaking, and a community which I am fortunate to be apart of.

Thanks to all and have a wonderful long weekend.


More information about the MVP program can be found here: