Recently on a project I had to create what was the equivalent of a “Shared Documents” library for a department and some of my concerns were that it would turn into a dumping ground of unstructured data. I regularly promote the use of content types with some discussion about whether or not to make fields mandatory. More often than not, the client will decide to forgo making fields mandatory which will eventually lead to chaos as metadata will almost never be entered. On this project, I came up with a fun little idea to try and “nudge” users into entering metadata by providing them a view of documents they have added to a library that they didn’t tag with metadata.

Here are the step by step instructions to recreate it yourself.

1. Have a document library with 1-2 columns that you would like for them to fill out. For demo purposes I’ll call these columns: Segment & PDI Role.

2. Create a page if you don’t already have one.

3. Go to the Document Library and create a new view with the Datasheet view being your starting point. Make sure to show the columns that you want users to fill out. Save the view as “webpart” or whatever name you would like.

  1. Go to the Filter section of the View and set “Show items only when following condition is true:


Basically this is going to show items you created where the Segment & Role columns are both blank meaning that metadata hasn’t been applied.

4. Add the standard listview webpart to the page that shows the document library and whatever columns you would like to display

5. Add a *second* listview webpart on the page with the same library and edit the properties.

a) Set the view to be the one you just created
b) Under AJAX Options check the option for Show Manual Refresh Button
c) Click ok and save the page.


6. Now when users upload documents to the library, ones that do not contain metadata will show up in the second webpart on the page.

PDI webparts

7. When a user enters the metdata in the datasheet view webpart, they can click the “Manual refresh button” or refresh the page in order to see the document disappear from the second listview webpart.


That’s it, kind of easy.. And hopefully will “nudge” folks to apply metadata since the datasheet view makes it pretty easy!